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Take Your Next Step Forward on Your Spiritual Journey

We each have our own path, but we all are on the same journey. One next step, it doesn’t matter if it is small or big, moves you along on your path.

Take your next step.



Everything is Energy

The Institute of Spirits is a thought leader in the shift from the material to the energy paradigm. Your same way of thinking, working and approach to life are not keeping up. It doesn’t matter if you call it a spiritual awakening, your personal development or your expansion of awareness. You are evolving. Both personally and professionally, learn how to tap into this vast and limitless resource of our existence.

Major Initiatives for 2018

“Keep Talking, They Can Hear You” – Your relationship doesn’t end when your loved one dies.

Eliminate your doubts and anguish that take over your life when a loved one dies. Click here for more information on this revolutionary eight week training program and know for yourself that your relationship does go on. Marian Bayer’s groundbreaking process and client case studies are in her soon to be published book. Pre-order the book.

Marian made this initiative a priority, because she knows how devastating and destructive the loss of a loved one can be. Her sister was killed by a drunk driver.


“Connect With The Green Zone” – Tap into the least understood and most underutilized natural resource.

This is the second key initiative for 2018. The great creators and innovators in history knew how to access and use this resource. You know that putting in more hours at work doesn’t deliver innovation. You know another degree or certificate from a top 10 school won’t really matter all that much. Access the insights, awareness and innovation for your evolution personally and professionally. Additional information.

The universe is expanding, are you?

 –  Marian Bayer, the Spirit Savant

It’s hard to fully express in words the value that one session with Marian has been. I’ve learned how to easily and effectively communicate with my guide to attain useful insights that support my personal, professional and spiritual life. I was able to “interview” and communicate with other spirits to more clearly understand what the various levels of the spiritual realm are like.

Marian’s abilities and her work are a gift and treasure to humanity at this important time. She plays a powerful role in the elevating of human consciousness as she teaches how to effortlessly receive guidance from the wisdom of the spirit world to all who are open to receive.

Eric J Christopher, MSMFT, CHT

Certified Hypnotherapist, Marriag and Family Therapist

What one simple thing will help you move forward on your spirit journey?

It doesn’t take a near death experience or a life threatening illness to wake you up. We all come with the built-in instinct to move evolve. And, it doesn’t take leaving your physical body in order for you to live as a spirit.  Reconnect with your Trueself.

3 Simple Steps You Can Do Right NOW

Just as the body has the instinct to breathe, the spirit has the instinct to evolve.


With Marian, I finally found someone who could help me understand the things I was experiencing. She is so supportive and I felt like I could freely share things with her that I have been reluctant to tell others. Working with Marian has helped me to finally accept and validate for myself, what I’ve always known on some level.


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Greater Knowldege For Your Spiritual Journey

When you let yourself remember through spiritual awakening that you are an eternal spirit, from that unfolds new insights and knowledge for you to use. Tap into the greater knowledge.


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Your Thoughts are Energy and Impact Your Connection

When you tune in to the greater existence, the limitless resource that surrounds us, having a strong, clear connection is vital.  Learn how to do it right!


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Use the Information from Your Guides

Your communication with your spirits guides builds on the strong connection you develop with them.  Know how to hear and understand what your guides are telling you.