Institute of Spirits

Photograph of a young elephant walking behind three monks wearing saffron robes, on a spiritual journey.

The Next Leap Forward in Our Expanding Experience

We have already transitioned from doing to thinking.  Now we are at the transition point from thinking to knowing.


The Institute of Spirits is a thought leader in the shift from the material to the energy paradigm. And with this shift, your same way of thinking, working and approach to life are not keeping up. It doesn’t matter if you call it personal development or an expansion of your awareness, reset your mindset and fully engage with the new reality available to you. The universe is expanding, are you?

Start to really use your mind – Master the Art of Knowing.

 –  Marian Bayer, the Spirit Savant

It’s hard to fully express in words the value that one session with Marian has been. I’ve learned how to easily and effectively communicate with my guide to attain useful insights that support my personal, professional and spiritual life. I was able to “interview” and communicate with other spirits to more clearly understand what the various levels of the spiritual realm are like.

Marian’s abilities and her work are a gift and treasure to humanity at this important time. She plays a powerful role in the elevating of human consciousness as she teaches how to effortlessly receive guidance from the wisdom of the spirit world to all who are open to receive.

Eric J Christopher, MSMFT, CHT

Certified Hypnotherapist, Marriag and Family Therapist

Just as the body has the instinct to breathe, the spirit has the instinct to evolve.