Institute of Spirits

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Take Your Next Step Forward on Your Spiritual Journey

Just as the body has the instinct to breathe, the spirit has the instinct to evolve.


Welcome to the Institute of Spirits

It is our spiritual journey to reconnect with our Trueself, our eternal spirit, and to live from that perspective. Are you feeling like there is something more to life, but you’re not quite sure what that is? We all have that feeling at different points in our lives. Even when you accomplish what you set out to do, once that is done, there again will be that nudge or pull towards what is next. There is nothing wrong with you if you are not completely satisfied with your life.  In fact, there is something right with you. This is your natural instinct to evolve.

Many of you are becoming aware of and have questions about the greater existence that surrounds us all. Perhaps you have taken some classes or read some of the wonderful books that have started you on your spiritual journey. The goal of the Institute is to take you to the next level of expansion and knowledge by your own direct experience. That is where the real growth and learning happens. Rather than introductory information, the work of the Institute is more so at the next level and best suited for those who have already given time and effort into their spiritual development and are wanting to take the next step forward.

I founded the Institute of Spirits to be a resource and support for you, as you continue on your own, unique path of awakening. There is a lot of great information here on the website that will give you insights and support as you take your next step on your path.

 –  Marian Bayer, Spirit Savant

What one simple thing will help you move forward on your spirit journey?

It doesn’t take a near death experience or a life threatening illness to wake you up. We all come with the built-in instinct to move forward on our spirit journey. And, it doesn’t take leaving your physical body in order for you to live as a spirit.  Reconnect with your Trueself.

Do you want to remember how to use your soul senses™? Do you want to have a clear and strong connection with your guides?

3 Simple Steps You Can Do Right NOW

We each have our own path, but we all are on the same journey. One next step, it doesn’t matter if it is small or big, moves you along on your path.

Take your next step.


With Marian, I finally found someone who could help me understand the things I was experiencing. She is so supportive and I felt like I could freely share things with her that I have been reluctant to tell others. Working with Marian has helped me to finally accept and validate for myself, what I’ve always known on some level.


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Greater Knowldege For Your Spiritual Journey

When you let yourself remember through spiritual awakening that you are an eternal spirit, from that unfolds new insights and knowledge for you to use.  Tap into the greater knowledge.


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Your Thoughts are Energy and Impact Your Connection

When you tune into the greater existence and your guides, having a strong, clear connection is key.  Learn more about how your thoughts and energy impact your connection.


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Use the Information from Your Guides

Your communication with your spirits guides builds on the strong connection you develop with them.  Know how to hear and understand what your guides are telling you.


Go from thinking to knowing