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My conversation with Marian helped me to embrace this feeling of wanting what is next for me, rather than beating myself up for not being satisfied with everything I already have. I get it now that these thoughts or intuition that ‘just come to me’ are signs of my connection to the greater existence.  I always knew it, felt it was there, but now I really know.  Thank you so much for your time and patience will all of my questions.

BK in California

Upcoming Classes This Summer

The Universe is ever expanding, are you?.


Thank you all for making our spring classes so successful. Your enthusiasm for your own learning and growth helped to really make the classes special.  Information on both in person and online classes coming up this summer will be added here soon. Right now I’m finishing my book, Keep talking, they can hear you, and I am currently available for one-on-one appointments.

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One of the Questions I Hear the Most: Is this real, or am I just making this up?

Many of the people I talk with have started to tune into the greater existence that is all around us and they struggle with how to understand what they are experiencing. I tell them, yes, this is real; we all are connected with the great love, knowledge and support of the universe. This greater existence is as much a part of our lives as is the oxygen we breathe. Your expanding connection is one of the results and benefits of you moving forward on your spirit journey.

A consultation session with me is not a ‘reading’. It is an in depth and confidential conversation that has two important aspects to it. In the first part of our session, I’ll ask you key questions, because I need to understand where you currently are on your journey and what things in particular you want to talk about during your session. It is important for me to get to know you, so that I can make sure what we cover in our conversation is meaningful for you and you will be able to easily use the suggestions or tools right away.

In the second part of the session, if you like, we can shift our attention to your spirit guides. We will talk about ways that will be easy and comfortable for you to check in with you guides and what are the indicators that it is really your guides, not your own thoughts. So many people ask about that. We’ll also tune in to see who in spirit may be joining us for the conversation and what they would like to share with you. Or if you prefer, we can continue with our convention and ensure all of your questions are answered.

As we are wrapping up our session, I’ll share insights from my own spirit journey and give you tools tailored specifically for you. I’d rather have you think of them as “tools”, but really it’s homework. These will support you and help you feel confident and eager in your next steps forward on your journey. My goal is to have you feel supported and encouraged as you continue to have more and more first hand experience that take you from thinking to knowing.

Individual Session with Marian

Each appointment with Marian is tailored to your questions and topics of interest to make sure you get specific information that is meaningful for you. Expect an insightful and lively conversation that gives you new insights and tools that you can put to use right away.

We will connect on Skype and you can record the conversation for your personal use. Each session is 75 minutes and the rate is $180.

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Please note the Institute’s cancellation policy: Due to limited availability and the unique nature of the consultation session, there are no refunds and the appointment cannot be transferred to another person. There is a one-time option to reschedule your consultation, if done so at least seven (7) days prior to your appointment date. 

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3 simple steps to support your journey.

To get the most out of your appointment with Marian, read and practice the three simple steps. Click the button below and get access right away to the appointment prep “homework”.

Photography of Marian Bayer, Spirit Savant Consultation to support your spirit journey

What if I told you that only 5% of people actively communicate with their guides? Everyone have the ability, but most people don’t talk with their guides, because they think they can’t or they don’t trust their guides. Don’t let doubt in the guides or disbelief in your ability stop you from tapping into the great resource of knowledge and support from your guides.