Communicate with Your Spirit Guides

Make It a Two-Way Conversation

Distressed painting of Krisna and a spirit sitting in a window looking at the sunset.

Be In the Conversation

For most of us, our conversation with our spirit guides has been more of a monologue, rather than a dialogue. Our guides have been talking to us, trying to show us things for years and years. It’s time for you get in the conversation and be a part of the information exchange. Learn how to communicate with your spirit guides and make it a real and meaningful two-way conversation.

Say “Thank you,” not from a thought in your head, but as a feeling from your heart.

This is the best advice I ever received from a spirit. Her name is Barbara and to me she looks very much like the older woman in the photograph off to the right. Barbara has given me so many great insights on how to communicate with our spirit guides and I am so happy to share her wisdom with you. She puts her amazing knowledge into simple terms for us, but they are profound bits of wisdom on so many levels.

Barbara says that when you are talking with your guide, rather than just sending thoughts from your head, make sure to send that thought as a feeling from your heart. She says it may seem similar, but there is a big difference between a thought from your head or from your heart, just like flavors of ice cream are different.

“It’s like chocolate ice cream and vanilla ice cream.”

Communicating with your guides from your heart with that energy vibration of love and appreciation is a lot stronger and travels a lot further. You are building a strong, clear communication with your guide and in turn that makes it possible for you to better hear and understand what your guide wants you to know. You are not only sending information, but you are also strengthening the communication channel at the same time. In the video below, I share more of Barbara’s wisdom about communicating with your guides.

Head shot image of a woman spirit guide - communicate with your guide

“Don’t wait ’til you can hear your guide. You be the one to start the conversation.”

– Barbara

Soul Senses™

When we communicate with our spirit guides, we aren’t using our physical senses, we are using our Soul Senses ™. Just like the physical body has senses, so does our spirit, our soul. This concept of soul senses came to me a few years ago and it took a little while for me to be able to say, “Of course, that makes perfect sense.”

Creating your personal paradigm shift and living from the perspective of your Trueself is an essential primary step forward to using your soul senses again. These are the senses that allow us to have a strong and clear connection with our spirit guides.  Using your soul senses will give you access to the knowledge, support and encouragement your guides are giving you.

Learn to reengage your soul senses

In the blogs, videos and in your consultation session, I share more about the soul senses, our energy senses, and specific things you can do to reawaken and strengthen your soul senses. What is the best way to communicate with your spirit guides? Use your soul senses.

I would say it is both Marian’s knowledge and her wonderful way of making the information very specific and meaningful for me that was most helpful. She blew me away with both her ability and her kind spirit.


Use your soul senses to communicate with your spirit guides.

Use Your Soul Senses



Go from thinking to knowing™