Connect with Your Spirit Guides

It’s as Easy and Natural as Breathing

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Why Connect With Your Spirit Guides?

What you get from your guides goes way beyond helping you find your car keys or keeping you safe while you’re driving. Learn to connect with your spirit guides using trust and confidence in yourself and in them.

  • Wisdom at work
  • Guidance for life decisions
  • New insights to a lingering question
  • Support and comfort during challenging personal times
  • Some humor when you are having a bad day

Discover your spirit guides.

Many people want to know how to discover their spirit guides. Here’s how. Starting today, yes today – right now, give yourself a moment. And in that moment you take the first step to connect with your guide by simply just saying, “Thank you.”  Tell your guide, thank you for all of the love, support and encouragement they give you. In the video below, I share a quick and insightful story of how a client’s preconceived idea of what her guide might be like was over complicating things and getting in the way of her connecting with her guide.

 Stop Searching and Start Connecting

Connect with your guides — it’s easier than you think.

How can I get in touch with my guide? That is one of the most common questions I hear in a session. My answer is, you need to stop over complicating it. Most people have some awareness of how their guides are trying to connect with them.  Unfortunately, many times those things are doubted, “reasoned” away, or dismissed as your imagination. Worse yet, some people say, I’m not that kind of person who can talk to spirits. Well, sorry to have to inform you, there isn’t any “special” kind of person. Each and every one of us are spirits and we all can talk with spirits.

Stop thinking and let yourself experience.

When I was first learning about my spirit guides and practicing how to connect with them, I would doubt and “reason” things away. The best advice one of my guides ever gave me was, stop thinking. That was hard for me, because I’m a thinker. After a while and with being patient with myself, I realized that my thinking was getting in the way of letting myself simply just experience that moment of connection with my guide.

Allow yourself to relax and just experience your moments of connection with your spirit guides. Soon you will understand the wisdom of not over analyzing. Your connection with your guide is what it is. From your direct experience with your guide you grow the connection and communication. This is your next step forward on your journey, going from thinking to knowing.

Remember, your thoughts are energy and they impact how you connect with your guides.

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Today, right now… what is your guide trying to tell you?

Connect with Your Guides

Gray and white painting of a spirit guide, Patricia, looking sweetly at you.

Patricia is a guide with a strong and very calm personality