Their Wisdom

Secrets of the Spirit Guides

Monk in saffron robe walking in the grass

Ageless Wisdom

Some are grand and some are just pure and simple, but all of the “secrets” the spirit guides share with us are ageless wisdom to help us on our journey.

Black and white early photograph of young Native American woman

“Don’t let words, especially your own, bring you down.”

“It’s never too early to say you’re sorry.”

– Mother Spirit

Mother Spirit is one of eight spirits I work with and she was so kind to share these thoughts with us. She has had many incarnations as a Hopi woman and to me she looks like the woman in the photograph above.  When I first started to connect with her, I asked her for her name. She said, “I have had many names, but the one that means the most to me is Mother.”

Close up photograph of Albert Einstein wearing a suit and tie

“Energy has to have a harmonic flow, else it gets distorted.”

– Albert Einstein

Albert is another spirit that I work with. When he said this to me I thought, “Oh that’s nice. That’s interesting.” But then, I started to understand what Albert was saying and how it relates to our ability to have a strong, clear connection with our guides. If there isn’t a harmonic or harmonious flow of energy, the connection with your guides will be distorted.

This concept is included in the energy work exercises we do in your session or in my classes. There are a lot of valuable insights and tools, along with more stories about the guides on the blog page.

For a little fun reading, here is a paper with mathematical formulas on Simple Harmonic Motion on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology site.