It Took Me Three Years to Let Go of Doubting

Well actually, it took three year and a stolen laptop. From that point on, I have had absolutely no doubt that my spirit guides are just as real as you and me. A little later in the blog I’ll tell you just what happened that one weekend in August that gave me the proof I needed to let go of doubting.

Having some doubt about your spirit guides is a normal and expected part of your spirit journey. New knowledge and understanding takes time to sink in.

Direct experiences with your guides grows your trust and confidence.

As you have more direct experiences with your guides, you shift from thinking about and questioning your guides to simply knowing your spirit guides are supporting you on your journey. It is the direct experiences that help move you forward on your journey from thinking to knowing. Given that I am quite a thinker and always wanting the facts, it took me awhile to let go of doubting in my guides.

How, when and why you move past your doubt is unique and special to you. That is your own path on the journey. The one aspect of this part of the journey that we all have in common is that we move through the doubt when we are ready to do so.

One of the key reasons I founded the Institute of Spirits is to support you, as you grow and strengthen your direct experiences with your spirit guides.  РMarian

The stolen laptop.

I’m much better at telling stories than writing about them, so here is a quick video to share how I finally let go of doubting in my spirit guides.