Injoy – The energy of joy is all around us.

A spirit comes through in this painting to tell us, “Live Injoy.”

Painting of a spirit guide who teaches us to live Injoy.

Just like the air surrounds you, joy surrounds you. Everyone can tap into this energy of joy, anytime.

Update your idea of joy.

This sweet spirit came through in one of the paintings I channeled. She didn’t tell me her name, but she shared about her work, spreading the joy energy in the universe. This was a whole new idea to me, because I always thought joy was something you experienced when you did something – the result of an action. She said, “Yes, when functioning from a material perspective, you get joy from doing or having something. That moment of joy is fleeting. When you know that the energy of joy surrounds you, you experience joy as a way of being. This is what I am here to tell you: Be Injoy, rather than buying something or eating something to enjoy.”

My challenge.

To be completely honest with you, my first reaction to what this spirit was saying about joy was, it feels glutinous to me to be injoy, when so many people are suffering. I would feel guilty and somehow less caring about others if I would be joyful all the time. 

The spirit shared more insights with me to help me better understand this updated concept of joy.  She said, “Well, that’s like not eating, because there are some people who don’t have enough food. Does that make any sense? You can choose not to be Injoy, but that does not help anyone. It’s not like the joy is wasted, like food will be wasted if you don’t eat it, but rather, you are wasting your opportunity to experience joy. What good is that? What does that serve? Who does that benefit? No one. 

When we have more people experiencing joy, there is a ripple effect. When you embrace the energy of joy, it doesn’t consume or dissipate the energy. It has the opposite effect. It amplifies it, moves it around. Here is the best reason to be Injoy. You will be helping me increase and spread the joy. 

This spirit’s simple wisdom had a powerful impact on me. Now I do my best to remember to be injoy no matter what I’m doing or even when challenges come up in life. All you have to do is choose to be injoy.

Just like you breathe in the oxygen, take in the joy.