The Ultimate Guide to Spiritual Awakening

Reconnect with Your Trueself

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What Is Spiritual Awakening?

In our spiritual awakening, so many of us are searching, looking outward for some answer that will satisfy the pull we feel or the core question that plagues us, “Really, who am I?” That pull or question will never be answered from without, but only from within.

When you let yourself remember that you are an eternal spirit and when you start to live from that perspective, your spiritual awakening unfolds, as simply and gracefully as an early spring flower reaching towards the warmth of the sun.


Somehow our souls know who we really are.

We need to reconnect and be true to that essential being.

The Spiritual Awakening Stages

Believing → Thinking → Knowing

As we move forward on our journey, most of us go from a point of unquestioned belief to thinking. We shift from simply accepting what we read or what we are told to a more engaged process of thinking or pondering ideas, concepts, experiences.

And then at another point on our journey, we again feel that pull or instinct to move forward. When you have thoughts such as, “There’s something more ahead for me. There is something next in my life, even though right now I don’t know what it is.” that’s a sign you are ready for the next stage of your spiritual awakening. To go from the point of thinking to knowing. You start to become aware of the greater existence, and realize and accept your own direct experiences.

From your first hand experiences you finally come to a place of knowing that you are an essential, eternal spirit.

This is your own personal paradigm shift, and you can make it happen.

– Marian

Take Your Next Step Forward

There are a variety of things you can do to move yourself forward on your spiritual awakening. Making a shift in how you think about yourself as a spirit is one of the first crucial topics we cover, whether it’s during a one-on-one session or one of my workshop.

Why is this one thing so important?

When you shift your thinking, you shift your energy and there is a lovely ripple effect that follows on from that. Shifting your perspective and allowing yourself to think differently is your way of dropping a pebble into your own energy pond and it sets things in motion.

Shift Your Perspective

This isn’t a spiritual awakening, but rather it is you, a spirit, awaking.

It’s you waking up and remembering who you really are. Always bring your thought back to who you really are… an eternal being, your Trueself. It’s you waking up to being a spirit on a journey.

This isn’t a spiritual journey, but it is you, a spirit, on a journey.

We are in the habit or mindset of thinking about our spiritual growth as a ‘spiritual journey”. Well, I challenge you to think of it as you, a spirit on a journey. This is you, your Trueself, growing and evolving.

Head shot of Marian Bayer, Spirit Savant and Founder of the Institute of Spirits, wearing a pink sweater.

Where are you on your journey?

“Just as the body has the instinct to breath, the spirit has the instinct to evolve.”

A dear spirit, Dr. Joseph K. Barnes, is one of my guides and I work with him quite a bit. This is the simple yet profound insight he shared with me. It really changed my way of thinking and from that expanded perspective of the spirit’s journey, wondrous possibilities opened up to me.

We all are growing and evolving. Shift your perspective to the new paradigm that you are a spirit on a journey. Know from your own experiences that this is true.

Black and white photograph of Dr. Joseph K Barnes, US Surgeon General during the Civil War

Go from thinking to knowing