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Training Programs from Our Key Initiatives

The training programs developed by the Institute are aligned with our key initiatives. They bring new insights forward in a way that allows you to learn and address important aspect of your life today and support your growth and expansion.

  • Keep Talking, They Can Hear You

  • The Green Zone

Keep Talking, They Can Hear You – your relationship doesn’t end when your loved one dies.

Let these 15 words sink in. They are the foundation for the seven step process Marian Bayer created which teaches you how to connect and communicate with your loved one who has died.

When a loved one dies unexpectedly, with the shock come questions that lodge in your heart, aching to be answered. Are you OK? Can you hear me? You have experiences that contradict what you were taught about death. You feel their presence for a quick moment, but it is too brief to understand. Rather than the grief healing, your pain and confusion grow.

Marian knows, because she had these same experiences when her sister Mary was killed by a drunk driver. Like many others who have lost a loved one, Marian could sense her near at times, but had no one who could explain what was happening. She couldn’t talk to her family about it, because they would think she was making it up. For years there was confusion, hurt and frustration. Marian questioned if her sister could really hear her and that doubt kept them disconnected. Eventually Marian learned how to communicate with her sister to get these gnawing questions answered.

Your loved one does connect with you and you can talk with them.

Questions like these don’t have to weigh on you any longer:

-My brother died so suddenly, is he all right?
-What about our unresolved issues?
-I know I can feel my loved one near me at times, is this real or am I making it up?
-I have things to tell her, how can I get that message to her?
-My sister didn’t believe in heaven, where is she?

Marian shares: “I don’t get frustrated often, but I really do when I think about those of you who needlessly have doubt, fear and heartache, because you believe your loved one is completely gone from your life. I just want to shout from the roof top, keep talking, they can hear you. Your connection and relationship with them doesn’t have to end. That needless pain is what has driven me to create this program. Some people may prefer use the support of a Medium to have this connection, but you can do this for yourself. Have your ongoing relationship directly with your loved one. Everyone can! This training program is built on years of study with the world’s best Mediums, like James Van Praagh, work with my clients, insights from my guides and teachers, and my own experience with my sister. It is sincerely my wish for you that this training will ease your doubt and pain, knowing that your relationship does truly continue.”

This is a live, one-on-one training program with Marian, not prerecorded videos. There is a screening process all perspective clients will go through, to ensure this program is the right fit for what they are current struggling with and what they want to improve. Once accepted, then over a period of typically eight weeks, Marian guides you through the seven step process and fine tunes the content and areas of focus to ensure your unique needs are met. 

If you want answers, want to put the worry and frustration behind you, and want an ongoing relationship with a loved one who has past, submit the form below and we will schedule your screening call with Marian.

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Don’t let a false belief or your doubt end your relationship with your loved one.

The Green Zone – tap into the most underutilized resource

The second initiative for the Institute is the development of a training program that opens your awareness and utilization of the Green Zone, the greater existence that surrounds us. Some refer to it as the unified filed, the intelligent universe, the plasma plane, etc. Call it what you want, it is the source of limitless insight and innovation. The artistic, creative and inventive ones have always tapped into the Green Zone. Most of the time it is by chance and sporadic.

Through her intense exploration of this realm of existence over the past five years, hundreds of conversations with her guides and enlightened beings in spirit and by her ability to simply just know things, Marian Bayer is now teaching others how to tap into the Green Zone.

Shift your operating perspective to the energy paradigm and create your personal competitive advantage.

Great Insights Await


Let the insights drop in. – Marian

Currently, the Green Zone program is a customized training program for each client. Please contact Marian directly to create your personalized program with her.

Sepia tone photograph of a Native American man standing on a barren rock in the far distance.

When the solution is simple, God is answering.